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The WOW Prayer Introductory Series

The WOW Prayer Introductory Series has been designed to take you step by step from where your prayer life is now to WOW!!!

‘Make Your Prayer Life Go WOW’ is the ideal reading tool for YOU to explore the fundamentals of developing a powerful prayer life. You will learn how to get more “YES” answers from God by learning how to connect with Him meaningfully, by discovering the tools that can help you to hear His voice so that you can align yourself with His will for your life.

In Secrets of a WOW praying woman, you will learn key secrets about praying women in the Bible (that are valuable for men also). You will learn how her ability to be connected not only to others, but also to God is one of her distinct characteristics in having a powerful prayer life. In each chapter secrets are revealed, as well as secrets within these secrets that can assist every woman (and man) to have a deep, meaningful and effective prayer life!

In the book—WOW Prayer Battle Plan for Spiritual Warfare— we journey through the concept of prayer as spiritual warfare, literally paralleling the Christian’s prayer life to the war that soldiers fight. Using war imagery and the metaphor of “battle”, readers are encouraged to view their daily battles as war with and against their true enemy–the devil– but because of their powerful Leader–God–victory is always assured!

As you read, you will be challenged to change the way you think about prayer. You will unlearn and relearn biblical strategies and tools along with shared personal experiences, and practical exercises to make your prayer life go WOW.