Certified Prayer Counselor Class


Creating a WOW Life Through the Power of Prayer


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Enlarge your purpose, position and passion, create a WOW life through the POWER OF PRAYER!



This is a strategic, simple, yet profound and practical program for leaders and persons who want to experience and help others create a  WOW life through the POWER OF PRAYER! 

Transform Lives Through The POWER OF PRAYER

Learn how to get more “YES” answers from God. Expand your influence and impact in the lives of others. Develop more confidence in your praying and living.

I'm Dr. Nadine Collins...

Since completing my Doctoral studies in Educational Administration, and having a Masters and an Undergraduate  degrees in the field of Psychology, I have dedicated myself to full-time ministry. I have  also had the distinct privilege of travelling globally throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean as a speaker, to consult with, facilitate programs and empower people to live a transformed life through the power of prayer!
Combining proven strategies from the field of Psychology about how our minds work with Spiritual and Biblical truths about our relationship with God and living the abundant life He designed for each of us, I have been able to uncover practical approaches to a powerful prayer life.
Truly, prayer has been the avenue through which I have been able to accomplish my dreams, travel the world and have a wide sphere of influence in the lives of others. Effective prayer is the key to unlocking everything that you desire. Yet, many children of God have not been able to master the art of deep connection with God and ultimately having a prayer life that actually works.

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Introducing the certified prayer counselor course...


The signature 12-step program is designed to empower you in your own prayer life and to help you become an effective Prayer Counselor and Minister to others.

Join this 12 weeks, 12 modules of Live Training/Video Presentations program designed to take you on an empowerment journey to become an effective and results-oriented leader through prayer.

The class is designed for individuals who want to live their WOW life now!

During our 12-weeks, I will guide you through the fundamental building blocks that have made the difference in my life by sharing guidelines guaranteed to transform the way you pray.

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During the training, we will work together:


Module 1

Understanding the History and
True Purpose of Prayer

The little known powerful communication method that will transform your prayer life from monologue to receiving clear access from God Learn how to distinguish your own ideas from the voice of God so you can eliminate disappointment.

Module 2

The Intimacy 

Understand how to use prayer to create true intimacy with God Learn the 3-step signature process to developing a more intimate relationship with God The rarely told daily practices to developing a more personal and intimate relationship with God.

Module 3

Developing Excellence in Prayer and Life

Learn the success habits of history’s greatest high performers that will take your prayer life to the next level. Learn how to implement these high performance habits to become a top performer in your prayer life.

Module 4

WOW Prayers for Your Every day Life

Understand how you can use modeling and mentorship to develop mastery in your prayer life. Discover the secrets from the greatest prayer master of all times.  Five powerful prayer examples for life’s most important situations.

Module 5

Understanding what causes misalignment and “NO” answers from God

Transform your understanding of Galatians 2:20 as a means to transforming your prayer life. Get clarification on why you get “NO” answers to your prayers and how you can transform that to “YES.”

Module 6

When God Has No Choice But to Say “YES”

Daily actions to get more “YES” answers from God. Discover how you can know the will of God for your life. Create an understanding of how to pray in the will
of God.

Module 7

Developing a Faith-based Mind-set

Transform your understanding of what faith is and how you can activate it in your life to change any situation. Learn the difference from hope and faith so that
you can begin to create more success in your life.

Module 8

Praying for Favor

Clarify your understanding of the concept of ‘favor’ so that God can answer your prayers. Uncover ways you can receive the
favor of God in your life and experience more

Module 9

Praying with Purpose

What is purpose and why it is so connected to a powerful prayer life.Learn how to connect “purpose” to your prayers so that you can activate the plans of God in your life

Module 10

Persistent Praying

Understand the true meaning of persistence and how it will open doors in your life. Transform your mind-set about what persistent prayer is and learn how to pray with more effectively.

Module 11

Praying with Power

Learn about the different types of power and what it means for you having a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life. Understand the 4-power angles to ensure that you pray powerful prayers.

Module 12

Prayer as Spiritual Warfare

Get a transformed perspective on prayer as spiritual warfare. It time to begin to work on that WOW life by connecting to God through the avenue of prayer.


🙏 Become a more effective and powerful leader and Prayer Counselor.
😎 Live with confidence knowing that you have a deeper relationship with God and is in full alignment with His will for your life.
🥰 Get more “YES” answers to your prayers because you know that God hears and answers you.
👍 Start making the impact that you were born to make.
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Special Bonuses...

The WOW Prayer Introductory Series has been designed to take you to step by step from where your prayer life is now to WOW!!!

As you read, you will be challenged to change the way you think about prayer. You will unlearn and relearn biblical strategies and tools along with shared personal experiences, and practical exercises to make your prayer life go WOW. 

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What Clients Are Saying...


Racquel McLean, Huntsville, Alabama USA

"When I signed up for the Certified Prayer Counselor course, I expected to receive spiritual knowledge, but the results exceeded my expectations! This course is unlike any other course I have taken. It offered me new insights regarding prayer as communication with God and it allowed me to solidify my true purpose as a counsellor.

Prior to enrolling in the CPC course, I had a deep desire to distinguish God’s voice and His divine will regarding my life. All the information Dr. Collins presented in the CPC course provided answers to those problems. I enjoyed the content of her course and the practical ways that she presented the topics. In addition, her use of videos as the main form of presentation, along with scriptures, are useful resources for a prayer life that works. Dr. Collins is intentional about helping people to experience a WOW life. Because of my experience in the CPC course, I am now living a “WOW” life! The CPC course is definitely a good fit for people who desire spiritual knowledge and a real desire to live their “WOW” life."

Ellen Alfred-Hove​​ , Walsall, England

"Regarding my journey thus far, this is the best course I've ever embarked on over any other earthly awards I've ever earned. I was saying to my family, I wish I had known about this a while ago I wouldn't have been as frustrated & worried about many things in my life that seem to negatively envelop my mind. In the same breath, I trust God's timing, HIS timing is perfect. I needed this life-changing course at this very moment and time. I'm going through a wilderness, what better way to know God's heart even more!! There's so much to learn, unlearn & relearn. I'm thrilled for this awesomely enriching journey ahead. The Lord has a calling on my life, it's becoming more evident each day."

Jhonte Dodd, Arizona, USA

"Enrolling in the Certified Prayer Counselor class was one of the most practical blessings in my life. The course allowed me to dig deeper into more Biblical wisdom that related to my present life season, and also in preparation for a successful future. As an intercessory praise and prayer warrior I was looking for more effective hidden treasures to use when I pray. One of my greatest burdens as a woman who loves family and prayer related to the issue of breaking generational curses. The CPC provided clear principles to help me deal with that for my life and my generations to come. Another problem I was trying to solve was to help people understand God’s yes and no’s to prayer. And, the CPC has given me a clear blueprint on how I can now address that subject with clarity. The modules were simple, light and informative, yet covering profound content in a way that I was able to connect with it because I felt that I could grasp the stories shared by hand. I appreciated the models which were pictorial representations of the what was covered in the modules, as well as the in-depth worksheets which assisted me in thinking deeply about the the process I was engaged in. I am a visual/kinesthetic learner so both of these worked perfectly with the way my brain processes information. After going through this class, I even bought it as a gift to my mother because I know it will greatly enhance her work and ministry, and change her life."